World Book Day 2021: Benefits of Reading to Your Child

World Book Day 2021: Benefits of Reading to Your Child

There are numerous benefits to reading to your child and as World Book Day 2021 is upon us what better day than to share a story with your children. There will be many kids today who are dressing up as their favourite characters and discussing their favourite stories of all time but its not only about having fun. Reading is an essential skill and there are many benefits of reading with and to your child.

Here at My Adoption Family we will be discussing just some of the benefits of reading to your child:

Increases bonding time

Reading to your child gives you the opportunity to bond with them, discuss characters, have a laugh if your reading something funny and provides a nice way to slow done at the end of the day. This is one of the reasons why many parents choose to read their children a bed time story before they fall asleep.

Improved Literacy

Many children who have been read to or have parents who encourage their children to read have improved literacy rates and can help them express themselves, learn new words and do better at school in the English lessons.

Listening skills

Reading to your child can help with their listening skills as you take it in turn to listen to the pages of the story, discuss what is happening and answer any questions about it. There is also an element of entertainment when mimicking different characters to distinguish between voices and sharing the story in an animated and interactive way.

Language development

Reading to your child can also help with language development and pave the way for learning new and longer words in order to expand their vocabulary. The vocabulary children learn through reading can also help them with their speech and the way that they express themselves.


Last but not least on the list of benefits of reading is the creativity that is involved in using our imaginations to think up the characters, what they look like and get a mental picture of the story. Reading also encourages a love for books and gets children thinking about their own stories that they may want to make up and read to you!

Overall, reading is a great way to engage with your child and has numerous benefits in enhancing their learning and development.

We want to take the opportunity to wish all your amazing parents a happy World Book Day!

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