Why do you do it?


Annie Shafi

Whenever we go to parties or have extended family around, we always get asked  “Why do you do it?”

Even at work, we get asked questions like why did you foster? what made you do it? and so forth. I suppose to some people doing a collection around work colleagues, family and friends around Christmas and they think they’ve done their bit for the world. Don’t get me wrong, raising money for charities is great.

But when the fact that we foster come up we always get asked why?

Because it’s empowering to see a foster child become better and better under your care in all aspects of his life. in fact it is exhilarating that you were the person who helped transform this child’s life.  We make the world a better place one life at a time.

It was a risk taking a young vulnerable child in who has faced so much trauma in his life. Don’t know what he was like or his emotional well being and if that was something we wanted our children exposed to, but it was a risk we took which I am really happy worked out for us. Like the saying goes, live life on the edge a bit. Go out of your comfort zone and it will help you grow as a person.

Most of all, it’s the satisfaction you get. It’s a real-life experience that gives a young person who is drowning in life a hand to pull them out. Someone who’ll tug them to dry land. But not in one night it can take months or even years.

You see the difference you make first hand, as for the charity work I was involved in, I never got to experience the money we sent and see first hand how it impacted the beneficiaries life. there’s a great sense of fulfillment when you see the positive change you are bringing first hand.

But I guess its all the same, same mission different rescue.

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