Top 3 Must Read Parenting Blogs

Top 3 Must Read Parenting Blogs

Being a parent can be rewarding, challenging and exciting, helping to transform a child’s life and nurture their talents. We have carefully selected our top three foster parenting blogs from foster parents that inspire, educate and share their stories of their foster experiences in the hope that you might find inspiration.

Here are our top picks on 3 parenting blogs that you can check out which feature tips on all aspects of parenting a child!

The Adoption and Foster Care Blog

The adoption and foster care blog by Mary was launched to share her own personal experiences of fostering children and is aimed at educating and advocating the wonderful journey of foster caring. Mary discusses the common challenges and debates surrounding foster care such and her own emotional journey of parenting on her blog. The blog is the perfect resource for those wishing to get some useful tips on parenting and those who are still considering whether to foster a child.  Check out the link to her blog here.

Foster 2 Forever

Penolope has fostered more than 20 kids and decided to pen her journey through her blog Foster 2 Forever. The blog shares her personal tips on fostering and the various challenges that she has faced as a parent. Penelope outlines ways to overcome her struggles and deal with issues such as foster children who have come from broken or traumatic homes. A link t her blog can be viewed here.

The Fostering Network

The Fostering Network a partner and supporter of the Muslim Foster Project has an amazing blog was started which discusses the various aspects of fostering. One blog post which documents a real life experience from a Muslim foster carer which is worth a good read can be viewed here

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