Tips for Homeschooling During Coronavirus

Tips for Homeschooling During Coronavirus

Schools have been closed in the UK and around the world and many parents are now having to adapt to a new norm of life in home schooling their kids.

Schools have a legal obligation to provide support and learning opportunities either via online or through instructions given to parents on the topics that need to be studied. It can be a difficult time for parents trying their best to ensure their children have a good education whilst at home but also balance having some down time to relax and have some fun too.

If you’re one of the millions of parents who are now in the position where you have to homeschool your kids, we have some tips to help you keep your kids engaged!

Use online resources

You may find online resources helpful in giving your kids some background and context to certain topics. You may also find ways to exercise and do a PE class from home as there are many YouTube videos for exercise for kids which you can do from home.

Create a timetable or schedule for learning

It is worth creating a timetable to create some structure for your kids learning. You may want to schedule in times for breaks and lunch. This will enable your kids to find a routine and one that they will be more likely to stick to.

Make sure to make time for some fun

Ensure that your home schooling is not too rigid and ensure that you leave time for your kids to unwind and relax. You could do activities such as baking together, spending some quality time with your kids or even drawing with one another.

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