Thinking of Adopting a Child?


Annie Shafi
Thinking of Adopting a Child?

Are you thinking of adopting a child but are still considering how best to go about it? Here at My Adoption Family we have spoken to adoptive parents and compiled five key tips for potential adoptive parents to help them through the process to transforming a child’s life through adoption.

Learn and speak to other adoptive parents

The best thing you can do when making the life changing decision to adopt is to start doing your own research and seeking knowledge. You may want to read some books on adoption, refer to official websites and magazines or get literature on adoption in your area. You may find it beneficial to speak to someone who has already adopted a child before so that you can ask any questions that you may have and discuss their experiences of becoming an adoptive parent.

Attend meetings or training

There may be meetings or workshops for potential adoptive parents that you could benefit from and learn more about the process and how it works. You can discover the criteria for adopting in your area and learn about eligibility and the requirements of what it takes to become an adoptive parent.

Speak to your support network

It is always worth speaking to your support network whether that is your family or a trusted friend to go through your feelings about the adoption, role and expectations. Aim to build relationships with other adoptive parents that you meet and this can help you share your journey and enable you to learn and grow from your experiences. It is always worth having your support network at hand should you need to discuss any issues.

Don’t be under pressure to meet deadlines

It is important to focus on the children’s needs and progress at a pace that is right for you without worrying about being under pressure to meet specific deadlines within the process of adoption.

Talk to your family

If you are already a parent or have a family and are thinking of adopting a child do speak to them and discuss the prospect of a child coming into the family. It always helps to have the support of your close family network and this will help with the settling process in giving the child a chance to settle into the family.

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