The Compassionate Man

Today’s blog looks at a truly inspirational work of an upstanding individual has been fostering terminally ill children for the last 20 years. Today we take a look at Muhammad Bzeek a foster carer from Los Angeles who has looked after 80 terminally ill foster children over the last 20 years. Fostering children can be very difficult with attachment issues etc. There is always the heartache of when the child leaves to go back to their own parents or they move on. Imagine having the foster child as part of your family for 6months to 5 years and then the child has to move on, It is a very difficult time for the family as a whole.


Mohammed Bzeek story is a truly inspirational, who opens his home and his heart to one terminally ill child at a time. Bzeek devotes his life to making them know they are cared and loved for. Having been diagnosed as having colon cancer he recalled into in to the operation theatre scared and lonely. The doctors asked him ‘ wheres your wife’ he replied ‘she’s passed away’, the doctor then asked ‘do you have any children?’ he replied ‘he is handicapped’. The thought of being alone through this difficult time had Bzeek feeling really scared and petrified. This inspired him to look after terminally ill children who no one would take as ‘the families dont want to deal with death’, his philosophy in life is everyone deserves love, care and a family.


His religious beliefs play a big factor in what he does as it shows compassion and care for humanity. He takes in children from any faiths and backgrounds and cares for them to the best of his ability. Due to the nature of the children he cares for, he goes above and beyond the norms, caring and being present for the children around the clock. He has a nurse who comes over to give him a breaks in the day so he can get his shopping and prayers in.


Mohamed Bzeeks story has really touched millions worldwide and has been given a befitting title ‘the compassionate man’.  A los Angeles journalist who covered his story was inspired so much that she set up a go fund me page for Mohamed Bzeek  with a goal of collecting $100,000 so he can have repairs done on his house and get a van with wheelchair access. We commend a truly inspirational man who reminds us that acts of compassion go a long way.


Let us join Mohamed Bzeek in showing compassion to every one around us.

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