Surviving to Thriving


Annie Shafi

There is no doubt that the majority if not all the children that are in the foster care system endure a certain level of trauma. The children’s journey into foster care may vary but the symptoms are fundamentally the same.

All children whether they are unaccompanied refugee children embarking on a very dangerous journey, leaving family behind to flee the war or British children whose foundations have been rocked to the core.

These children regardless of where they come from or their circumstances, they all through their ordeal have lost their sense of self-worth. Having caring foster carers providing a warm home and supporting these vulnerable children can really transform them from just merely surviving to thriving.

As a Foster Carer you get great joy to support and help these children find hope and become actively engaged within their community and positively contributing to it, drawing upon their experiences, and thereby helping others.

” Seeing isolated children taking first steps to reach out and helping others is incredible”

These children just like any other have aspirations to become doctors, nurses, footballers, policemen and policewomen, teachers, lecturers, and plumbers. that is only possible if they have the chance.

With your help and support, these children are able to raise their self-esteem, self-confidence, and in the process be inspired so they can flourish.

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