My Adoption Friday 2020


Annie Shafi

My Adoption Family, Muslim Foster Network, My Foster Family and Muslim Council of Britain is pleased to announce the launch of My Adoption Friday 2020 which will be held on the 16th October 2020.

My Adoption Family will run talks on adoption at the Friday prayer in mosques across the UK or virtually depending on Covid-19 restrictions. The campaign aims to raise awareness in the Muslim community about the need for more adopters from the Muslim community and provide an understanding about the importance of adoption in Islam. Through My Adoption Friday we aim to reach the wider BME community and motivate more people from Muslim backgrounds to also consider applying to become adopters and dispel any stigmas and misconceptions surrounding adoption.

There are a number of ways that you can get involved with My Adoption Friday 2020! Firstly register your interest on this link  which contains a variety of resources that will help your Mosque to raise awareness about this topic and assist the Imam to prepare to deliver the sermon.

The campaign runs during National Adoption Week 2020 and aims to support in encouraging potential adopters to take that first step in their journey in transforming a child’s life and giving them stability.  Adoption is a rewarding role to play and is highly regarded from an Islamic point of view of having stability, love, care and a family of their own. To adopt a child is highly looked upon in Islam and is one that is recommended by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

We aim to ensure that every potential adopter in the community has all the information they need to consider adoption as a viable option. My Adoption Family work with a variety of adoption agencies who we can refer you to in order to take your application further and hope that this day will provide invaluable support and information for those wishing to adopt a child and embark on one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives.

You can take part in My Adoption Friday by spreading the word about our campaign on social media and attending one of our Friday sermons or getting your local mosque to participate in My Adoption Friday 2020!

Spread the message that My Adoption Friday is sharing our hashtags below and connect with us via our social media today!

#AdoptionFriday2020  #YouCanAdopt

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