International Women’s Day 2021- Celebrating Amazing Women Carers with MFF

International Women’s Day 2021- Celebrating Amazing Women Carers with MFF

This week we celebrated international Women’s Day around the world celebrating amazing women doing brilliant things and shining a light on the important role that women play in our society.  

Here at My Foster Family, we cannot forget the invaluable role that our female carers play within society from being able to provide love, support and care to a child, to being a role model, caregiver and someone for a child to turn to both in times of need and when they want to celebrate their achievements.

There are so many inspirational foster mothers and adoptive mothers who have made a difference to children’s lives in the UK and around the world. We should take the opportunity to reflect on how important women are and the roles they play in this world which make a positive difference to the lives of so many.

Over the years, My Foster Family have come across some inspirational foster carers which we have documented on our blogs. We have highlighted the work of foster carers who went on to adopt a child and those who worked hard to overcome challenges and barriers to becoming a foster carer.

With the demand for more BAME Black and Asian ethnic minority foster carers to meet the cultural needs of children, our organisation is working hard to bridge the gaps and see more people from diverse backgrounds come into fostering.

Female foster carers are so much more than a parent as are male foster carers. Many children have other needs that foster carers have to attend to they have to have the ability to do this sensitively and with professionally. Every foster carer puts the child’s needs first and often this is before their own needs which is why foster carers are selfless and amazing individuals.

Let’s take this opportunity to wish all the amazing women in your lives from daughters, wives, sisters, colleagues, friends and ensure that they know how special they are and the difference they make to your life.

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