Getting Support as an Adoptive Parent

My Adoption Family knows how invaluable it is for adoptive parents to build a network of support but sometimes adoptive parents do not know where best to get the support they need. Here are our five tips on building a support network that you can turn to for inspiration, motivation and encouragement.

Adoption support on social media

Many organizations that support foster parents have an active presence on social media and may offer posts which can give tips on local support groups . Follow those accounts to ensure you are accessing all of the offered resources and are able to network with other foster parents who may be trying to network with fellow foster parents too.  You may also get a chance to hear about fostering events through social media and can network through events.

Join a support group

Support groups are a great way for adoptive parents to share concerns and find inspiration. You may also be referred to get professional emotional support if needed and support groups can give you more information on this to help you on your journey. Many support groups enable you to meet other adoptive parents in your local area and exchange ideas, tips and motivation and get to listen to their experiences and learn from them.

Seeking support

It is important to feel comfortable to seek support when needed. Being an adoptive parent can be demanding and you may be in need of a listening ear when things get challenging or just to seek advice. Thankfully, there are many people in your community who are eager to help you and you just need to ask. You could speak to a trusted family member, your spouse or a friend to enable you to get the support and encouragement you need.

Team work

Why not team up with another adoptive parent and organise monthly meet ups or arrange to meet for coffee at a convenient time to share experiences and motivate one another. Sometimes doing things alone can be daunting but by teaming up with another foster parent to share your feelings and challenges about adoption, you can feel more at ease and share your highs and lows. This will enable you to have someone to talk to and have a listening ear when you may need to talk about an issue involving your child.

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