Four Ways to Boost your Foster Child’s Confidence

Four Ways to Boost your Foster Child’s Confidence

There are many children who go through low anxiety and this is often prevalent in foster children who may have come with life experiences that are very different to a child who has been brought up with love and care.

Some foster children have come into care from war-torn countries as refugees or have experienced trauma such as domestic violence, neglect or physical and verbal abuse. It is for this reason that many foster children are impacted by their previous life experiences and can often come into a foster home quiet and lacking self esteem.

We have compiled a few beneficial tips to boost your child’s confidence and enable them to feel happier and encouraged to pursue their talents and goals. Here are some tips that can help build your foster children’s confidence:


Encourage them to pursue their talents

Every child has a talent of their own and as a parent it is most beneficial to encourage your foster child in pursuing their talents. When a child achieves something or does something well there is nothing better than giving them praise and telling them how wonderful they are. Ensure that you tap into their strengths and take interest in their hobbies. If you want to nurture confidence in your child it is important to ensure that you let them grow to reach their full potential.


Spend quality time

Spending time with your child will enable them to feel more confident as they get the one to one support and quality time from their parents or guardians. Your foster child may need that expression of love and affection and there is no better way to show them that you care than by dedicating time for your child.


Praise and acknowledge

When your foster child has done something well you should praise them and acknowledge their efforts. This will make your child feel that their efforts are being acknowledged and further motivate them into good practices, behaviour and build on their confidence. Often the most confident children have received praise for their efforts and this has further encouraged them to channel their efforts into achieving their goals.

It is always important to remember that boosting your foster child’s confidence can be imperative in enabling them to further achieve and nurture their talents so that they can be the best versions of themselves.


Support and listen to them

Many foster children have never had that supporting ear to listen to their needs or feelings. As a parent, we need to be there to ensure that your child feels that they have someone to turn to and express their feelings. They may have had a bad day at school or they may go through periods where they feel down. If you express how much you would love for them to come to you when in need and how you are always there for them this can build security, love and increase the bond between the foster parent and child.

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