Celebrating Amazing Foster Mothers in Celebration of Mothers Day

Celebrating Amazing Foster Mothers in Celebration of Mothers Day

Mother’s Day has just gone by but let us take the opportunity to celebrate the amazing foster mothers who are caring for children as their own and providing them with love, hope and stability. Every child deserves a stable home, one filled with warmth, love and care and this is something that they can get through a foster- parents.

There are many foster mothers who would have received a card from the children in their care of who have made a difference to a child’s life. Every single foster mother is special and selfless individual who knows the importance of giving back and nurturing their child’s growth.  Many children who come into care do not have mothers as they may be orphaned, their mothers may have been killed due to war or through traumatic circumstances or they may have been neglected and have not fully had the love of a mother.

Foster mothers can play a pivotal role in bridging gaps and providing the attention a child deserves to feel that they have someone to turn to not only when in need but also to share the good times with.  Mother’s Day can be extremely difficult for some foster children and the day itself may bring back memories for them or negative experiences. For this reason, it is important that foster carers spend time with the children in their care and create a positive atmosphere to build new memories with them on this day.

Birth mothers of foster children may still be alive or who have sadly passed away may still want to be celebrated and foster mothers can still aid with celebrating them by perhaps gifting flowers, drawing a card for the birth mother. It may be common for some foster children to have experienced loss or abandonment before coming into foster care which may make mothers day a particularly hard time for them.

However, as finding ways to make the day positive and memorable and celebrate the inspirational motherly figures in their life can bring back joy into this wonderful occasion!

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