Be Inspired: Interview with Foster Carer Tahera Begum

Be Inspired: Interview with Foster Carer Tahera Begum

My Foster Family is pleased to highlight the work of inspirational foster carers in our community that have gone the extra length to help transform a child’s life. Today we interview, mum of four, Tahera Begum on her inspirational journey to foster care.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how long you been fostering?


I am a mother to 4 children who are all married and I have been fostering 2 young boys for the last few years. Since my husband passed away and children moved out I wanted to give something back to the community and had more time to look after children and give them a loving home.


How many children have you fostered to date?


I have fostered 2 children and it is the best decision of my life.


Despite the challenges you have been through what motivates you to carry on fostering?


I did face challenges as the community that I belonged to was wondering why I was fostering at such an older age. It is sad that they cannot accept and see the benefits of doing this and the rewards of looking after children who need our care and support. For me I do not see fostering as a job I see it as a passion of life and I love these children as my own.


How do you find the process to becoming a foster carer?


The process was fine for me as I had the all the necessary requirements and space for fostering and I am always ready for any meetings with the social workers who monitor progress.


What advice would you give to those who might be thinking about fostering?


Go for it! Fostering is a rewarding experience that enables you to make changes to a child’s life. Do not think twice about fostering, if you have a genuine passion to help other children then please do offer your assistance and foster a child.


What is the best thing about foster caring?


The best thing for me is seeing my foster children grow confidence in themselves and helping them to achieve their dreams and being someone who they feel supported by.


 What your thoughts on foster caring being a means to positively transform a child’s life?


It certainly does transform a child’s life it gives them a home to call home and enables them to have the care they deserve and need.









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