At home with the kids? Here’s some ideas to get you through the day

Schools in the UK have shut due to the outbreak of Covid-19 which means there will be many kids at home with their parents. If you are worried and need some tips on how to make it through this difficult period we have some advice from a mum of 5 on making the most of your time at home.

Home learning schedule

Your child’s school may provide you with home learning instructions or guidance and you can choose to create a schedule timetable to make things more of a routine. Kids thrive on routines and its best to set up times for home learning, play time whether that be inside the house or some fresh air in the garden, snack time, lunch and exercise. By creating a schedule you can help your child in building a consistent routine for the new norm.

Tap into your children’s hobbies

Whether your child enjoys, baking or arts and crafts, think of this period as a perfect time to get busy bonding by supporting your child with their hobbies. You may want bake home made cakes or go and create some wonderful arts and crafts. You can check out your local online parenting group to get further ideas.

Get some fresh air in the garden

If my children are anything to go by, they love playing in the garden. If the weather permits you may want to let your children have a run around in the garden to let off steam if they are well enough to do so and if the weather is sunny.

Have a picnic at home!

A healthy and delicious picnic often gets the thumbs up from the kids and can make for an enjoyable day in! You can set up a pretend picnic right at home and bring the outdoors in for a bit of escapism. There will be no doubt that your children may also be feeling apprehensive at this time so its best to do enjoyable things with them too.

Get out the board games

Last but not least board games can often be entertaining and educational and it gives you a chance to bond and participate in a shared activity. If you haven’t done so already try playing some board games with your child and keep them entertained for hours on end!

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