Are Foster carers more than a parent?

Being a foster carer is more than a parent although they fulfill a significant parenting role. Fostering is way more complexed than parenting, it is a professional role although it might be looked at in that way.

The job description is in the title ‘foster carer’ but it doesn’t, of course, preclude having strong bonds with your foster children. Foster children have the opportunity to become a member of the family. We at MFN believe being a foster carer is a lot more than being a parent, they do a lot more and go way beyond parenting. By this, we don’t imply foster carers are better than parents.

Below are 10 reasons why foster carers are more than parents

  1. Foster carers work towards restoring a fostered child’s mental health and emotional wellbeing.
  2. Foster carers constantly undergo training to continue their professional development and to maintain and develop their skills.
  3. Foster carers help implement the child’s care plan under the supervision of social worker. This could include meeting with the birth parents and other people who might have had a significant role in the child’s life.
  4. Foster carers are at the heart of the fostering service and work with other professionals within guidelines and adhering to policies and procedures.
  5. Foster carers go through one of the most rigorous recruitment and vetting process and have regular supervisory meetings including annual reviews.
  6. Foster care is a temporary arrangement, although placements can range upto 5-10 years. The purpose of the placement is to prepare children and young people to return to their birth parents, to move to another family or, eventually, to independent living.
  7. Foster carers attend and participate in reviews, case conferences and court hearings, as well as countless other professional meetings.
  8. Foster carers create and update accurate written records of their fostered child’s life and pass any relevant information to the person.
  9. Foster carers are experts in working and supporting children that have experienced trauma, abuse or neglect.
  10. Foster carers are also experts in looking after children who have separated from their own families as well as having additional needs.

We would love to hear from foster carers about what you do in your role as a foster carer that is more than being a parent?

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