Afia wins fostering award

It’s great to see foster carers getting recognised for the work they do. I came across this small snippet of an interview with Afia winning an award for her achievements in fostering. It really makes me happy knowing good people getting recognised for their contribution and dedication to their work.

Afia won the award for providing a warm and loving home for 27 foster children over the space of 15 years. over the course of the time, she had housed some very vulnerable children. Her conviction for providing a loving home for every single one of the children and unconditional love for the children warmed my heart.

The hardest part in fostering children is when the child has to move on to another placement. Afia says ‘as the child leaves they take a small piece of her heart with them’. She also feels really happy knowing that the child is being placed with a good family.

Not only is Afia an incredible and dedicated foster carer, she’s also heavily involved in supporting other foster carers on their journey. Afia is the chair of Tower Hamlets Foster Carers’ Association and offers vital peer support. She is also an ambassador for Tower Hamlets council. She works actively in spreading awareness on the need for more foster carers within her community.

Ishara Tewary, fostering team manager at Tower Hamlets, who nominated Afia said: ‘It has been said that fostering runs through Afia’s blood! She is truly an outstanding foster carer. As well as providing a fantastically nurturing home to three young children who are happy, settled and are achieving brilliant things in life, the fostering world also benefits so much from her passion, dedication and positivity. She is such a tremendous asset to Tower Hamlets and to fostering in general.’

This is great news for Tower Hamlets who were only few months ago embroiled in controversy according to an article published in the The Times. Upon investigation from senior social workers and tower hamlets council, no evidence was found for the allegations made towards the foster carers. fast forward few months and a wonderful lady who has dedicated 15 years for caring for vulnerable children from the district of tower hamlets wins a presidential award for fostering.

You can catch the snippet video on bbc here.

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