Adoption and Taking Care of Vulnerable Children


Annie Shafi

There are many children who are left vulnerable and in need of real stability in their lives after having going through a system of care. Adoption enables individuals to provide stability in nurturing family life for children and young people who are unable to live with their birth parents or guardians and are in need of a loving family.

There are an unprecedented number of children who are put into care by the local authority and removed from their family homes due to a variety of reasons.

There are many children that have come from backgrounds such as dealing with domestic violence, verbal or physical abuse, neglect, poverty or death of their biological parents, with no other carer available to look after them. As a consequence, children may be left traumatised, emotionally affected and in need of support and a safe environment to be brought up in.

The role of an adoptive parent is one that provides love, support and a safe and happy environment for a child or young person and this can only further help to foster a sound future for a child that really deserves it.  Adoptive parents not only have a legal responsibility to look after a child placed in their care but they also have a respected authority in opening up their heart and homes to make a positive impact on a child.

Adopting a child is a life changing experience that can be rewarding, challenging and empowering. You have the ability to provide for a child through adoption and leave a legacy of kindness, generosity and support.

If you are thinking about adopting a child it would be helpful to reflect on some of the reasons why that lead courts to make the decision that children cannot remain with their birth families. Some reasons include and are not limited to experiencing domestic abuse which could be both physical and emotional, neglect, sexual abuse, mental health problems of the birth parent and drug use by the parent.

In addition, it is rare but there may be some children that need to be adopted having been relinquished by their birth parents if the parent feels for some reason that they cannot bring up the child themselves.

As an adoptive parent you are transforming a child’s life and giving them the love, stability and hope they need for a brighter future.

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