Adoption and Building a Bond


Annie Shafi

Every new adoptive parent wants to take the time out to build a bond with their child during their stay. Some adoptive children have stayed with multiple foster carers for a long term period and others may have been in care for a shorter time. It is always beneficial to communicate how happy you are that they will be residing with you and your family and take the time out to get to bond with your adoptive child in more depth.

You may be given information about the child’s background and circumstances before coming into your care so it is important to take into consideration their life experiences which have often been traumatic or stressful.

Ensuring that you are sensitive to your adoptive child’s needs is imperative as it takes time to build up trust and a long term bond with a child. It is therefore important to ensure that all their needs are met and provide a loving, stable and safe home for the child who is under you care.

You may want to find out more about the type of hobbies that your adoptive child likes to do and arrange a day out with them doing something that they enjoy. This can provide you with a chance to break the ice and really let them enjoy themselves doing what they love the most. Whether your child likes to play football, go to the cinema or bake cakes, doing something together can help you to bond with your child.

You may also want to talk about any fears or concerns that your adoptive child may have. It is always daunting moving into a new home, new surroundings.

This is why it is so imperative that a stable, loving and welcoming environment is provided for your child so that you can build a relationship that lasts for the long term and transforms your adoptive child’s life so that they can truly excel.

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