A Month of Mercy

A Month of Mercy

So as the first weekend of Ramadhan is over, this blessed month of Ramadan was brought down to us a blessing and mercy. Likewise, our religion shows great sympathy to the weakest in our society is it orphans widows or elderly. When it comes to orphans did you know that the Qur’an mentions orphans  23 times in 12 different forms in 12 different surah or chapters.

the prophet himself was raised an orphan, his father died before his birth and his mother died when he was a child. He was raised by his uncle Abu Talib and later on lived his life as a testament looking after orphans. There are many verses in the Quran which mention orphans in different forms.

Fostering a child is a Sunnah which is not practised by many Muslims. There is a big emphasis on other sunnah’s but when it comes to looking after orphans this sunnah is often overlooked.  The rewards for this good deed are of the highest.

Today’s children are tomorrows future, we raise them and love them so they can become aspiring citizens and do the best we can so they can really contribute to their community and society.

On the other hand, we have orphans or children that go into care who have lost the support from the parents. The people that were kind to them, as a child to lose that environment and get thrown into obscurity. It is very hard for that child, the impact it can have on them psychologically is daunting.

As a united community, it is important that we look to provide a warm home for these kids and give them the love that they yearn for. this Ramadan not only focuses on praying and reading Quran but try to bring a positive change to a child’s life, our community and so forth. working on ones inner self is important as well as contributing to our society.

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