5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained This Easter Holidays

5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained This Easter Holidays

The Easter holidays are upon us and many parents will be stuck for ways to entertain their kids whilst at home. Many children would have spent a significant amount of time home learning this year due to the pandemic. Time away from school, friends and family has had a significant impact on many children and their wellbeing. However, the holidays provide a chance to unwind away from their computer screens and on to more fun activities that can really help you to bond with your child.

Do an activity that you know your child enjoys

Whether your child enjoys, baking or arts and crafts, think of this period as a perfect time to get busy bonding by supporting your child with their hobbies. You may want bake home made cakes or go and create some wonderful arts and crafts. You can check out your local online parenting group to get further ideas.

Get outdoors!

If my children are anything to go by, they love going for walks in the park or playing outdoors on their bikes. If the weather permits you may want to organise some outdoor activities from your very own garden. You could play a game of football in the back yet or indulge in some tennis. Whatever you decide to do nothing beats a bit of fresh air for both you and the kids!


A healthy and delicious picnic often gets the thumbs up from the kids and can make for an enjoyable day in! You can set up a pretend picnic right at home and bring the outdoors in for a bit of escapism. There will be no doubt that your children may also be feeling apprehensive at this time so its best to do enjoyable things with them too.

Get out the board games

Last but not least board games can often be entertaining and educational and it gives you a chance to bond and participate in a shared activity. If you haven’t done so already try playing some board games with your child and keep them entertained for hours on end!

Hold your own treasure hunt!

Bring the fun of a treasure hunt indoors by organising an easter egg finding hunt in your living room or around the house. You can choose to hide chocolates or some of your kids toys and collect them up in a basket. The person who finds the most number of Easter eggs can be declared the winner!

These are just a few ideas for activities that you could try with your kids during the Easter holidays. Do feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to share what you will be doing with the kids this Easter or have any further tips for parents looking to entertain their children during this time!

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