5 Signs You’re Ready To Become A Foster Carer

5 Signs You’re Ready To Become A Foster Carer

Becoming a foster carer is a big decision and one that can be life changing both for yourself, your family and for the child you welcome into your home. Foster caring can be one of the most rewarding journey that you could embark on but how do you know if you are ready to jump on board and make that first step to becoming a foster carer?

There are currently an estimated 44,000 foster families currently in England but there is always a need for more foster carers to cater for the diverse needs of children around the UK.

You may have been considering becoming a foster carer for some time or perhaps you have newly been introduced to the idea. Whatever stage you are at here are some signs that you may be ready to become a foster carer.

  1. You’ve done your research

One of the main signs that signal a commitment to becoming a foster carer is someone who has thoroughly done their research on the every aspect of what it means to become a foster carer and are feeling positive about it.  Many people who go on to become foster carers have got all the information they need before making that decision and are content with the thought of fostering a child. If you have been attending webinars, online events, researching and getting your information and questions answered this could indicate a readiness to foster a child.

  • You want to make a difference

Foster carers need to be at a place where they are fostering a child for the right reasons and not just a financially rewarding prospect. If you are sincere and genuine in really wanting to make a difference then you may be ready to foster a child. Rather than looking for your needs think how you can bring value into the life of a child and what difference you could make by offering them that love and stability.

3. You’re got a supportive network

Having the support of your partner, family or friends can help when fostering a child. If your loved ones are supporting and encouraging you to proceed with foster caring this could be a positive sign that they believe in you and think you are ready to be a foster carer. Remember the most important thing is not what others think but whether you feel ready to be a foster carer yourself and make that commitment.

4. You’re able to let go and say goodbye

It can be difficult when creating a bond with a child and forming an attachment to say goodbye when they have to move on especially if they are placed in your care for a significant period of time and then have to leave. You have to be mentally ready in order to be able to stay strong for the child and for your family. If that is you and you have that personality fostering may be the best option. If it isn’t something you could do then you may want to look into adoption.

5. You are ready to make the first step

If you feel you are ready to make that first actionable step to becoming a foster carer then it is most likely that you should start making enquiries. You can contact us at www.myfosterfamily.com to get more information and to be put in touch with the relevant fostering recruitment to start this rewarding journey!

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