5 Reasons To Become a Foster Carer

5 Reasons To Become a Foster Carer

Foster carers are exceptionally selfless individuals who dedicate their time and love to care for a child who is not their own. Becoming a foster carer is a transformational journey for many individuals and couples who want to welcome a child into their home and give them a new life.

Foster children often come from care authorities or through harsh life experiences that often leave them vulnerable. This is why it is even more important that foster carers play a special role in the child’s life to enable them to grow and reach their full potential. Here are five reasons why being a foster carer is amazing to inspire and motivate you if you are considering becoming a foster carer!



  1. You have the ability to transform a child’s life


Being a foster carer is often considered to be a life changing decision not just for your own life but also for the child that you look after. Foster caring not only gives you a new and important responsibility but it also enables you to be the shining light in a child’s life and transform their life in a positive way by enabling them to grow, feel safe, reach their goals and feel loved.


  1. You get to do something rewarding


Foster caring is extremely rewarding as you get to be part of a child’s life and truly make a difference to their upbringing enabling them to look up to you as a parent and turn to you for support. Many foster carers have described the experience as truly rewarding and unforgettable.


  1. Every day will be a learning experience


Those who foster care know how much of a learning experience it can be on their individual journey into fostering a child and making them part of the family. You may often find that having a child around will mean that your time is occupied in doing your best to nurture their needs, learning and wellbeing.


  1. You are providing a family for a child


Foster children often become part of the family which you provide when you foster a child and many foster children feel safe as part of a whole family. Being the amazing person you are, foster caring enables you to provide a family for a child who may have never had the love of a parent or guardian before or may have lost their parents through war, conflict or from going into care.


  1. You will be an inspirational role model


Foster carers are truly inspirational role models for the next generation and many carers are selfless, giving and loving individuals who sincerely want to provide the best care and love for a child and safe environment to nurture them to reach their full potential.



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